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Milking the goats, the first step in making our artisanal cheese

Our goats spoil us every day with their rich milk that we use to make our raw milk cheeses, a nutritious food with wonderful flavor and 100% natural.


Natural quark, so that the cheese takes shape

We add natural quark to the goat milk and a little bit of salt. We let stand in a warm place. The milk starts to solidify and this will enable us to separate the solids from the liquid. Our cheese is starting to form.



We separate the liquid and keep the mound of compact milk...

At this point we have a solid mass of coagulated milk as well as the liquid whey. Using a colander we will carefully drain the whey. The solid mass will be put into little cheese molds where the whey will continue to drain out.



Almost ready, just wait a bit ... and then serve

The cheese stands in the small molds and while the whey drains out, the cheese gains texture. Once it is ready we overturn the mold onto a plate and serve the cheese with bread. Some like to eat the fresh goat cheese with dried red pepper, olive oil, olives, jam or honey. Delicious !


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